About Joshua


Joshua is a writer, teacher and mystic, currently based in Toowoomba, Australia.

He writes and addresses questions regarding self-realisation, freedom, spiritual awakening, life, happiness, compassion, Nonduality, God and love. Likewise, his art is often an attempt to give expression to potent existential concerns and deep inner yearnings that hide in the collective human psyche.

Joshua is a quiet, philosophical spirit. He has a modest background in computer science and worked for over a decade in corporate information technology.

Today, Joshua is continuing to write, and just beginning to explore performance art as an untapped avenue for expression. A plethora of issues are up for discussion, including the plight of humanity, deviance, social justice, activism, agency, and highly rational pursuits, including both science and technology.

Informal study in herbalism and an appreciation for nature bookend a particularly ambitious creative agenda.

His current and future interests include: