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JoshuaHawcroft.com is an evolving conversation on social and environmental advocacy, happiness and self-realisation, and supportive technology. It includes news, reviews, philosophy, graphic art, poetry, essays, software, references and more.

The site itself is fundamentally a work of unconditional love. It is the author's very human take on contact with the unfathomable mystery of who we are.

It will be a reflection of how all kinds of technology might better serve the good of all, so that the search for meaning might thrive and prosper. It will also be a reflection of a deeper ineffable truth.

How can technology serve the needs of humanity and the ecosystem? How do we get away from being directed by our technology, and reconnect with our innner wisdom?

About Joshua

Joshua My name is Joshua. I am a usually calm, thoughtful human being and presently reside in Australia.

I have a modest background in computer science and worked for over a decade in the field. After becoming increasingly disillusioned with the capitalist business environment, in mid-2010, I quit the office job to pursue my spiritual and humanitarian interests - moreover to find myself.

Having worked a variety of jobs, as of 2017, I am now passionately cultivating a fresh start in horticulture! The rest of my time, I work on The Saffron Edifice project, or write material for this website.

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