2 Minute Altruism

The basics of compassionate action in our heat and eat culture.

A Box of Noodles

Why Should I Care?

We are one. The illusion of separation between you and I is superficial. Science and spirituality agree, and you can discover this for yourself.

Kindness costs nothing and everyone benefits. What you give, you will eventually get back. Kindness feels good.

Freedom is not an object and cannot be won in battle, it is a movement and must be lived with every breath.

Where Do I Begin?

Make a genuine peace offering to a difficult family member or co-worker. Help a neighbour.

Tiny changes in your lifestyle can add up to a big difference for everyone.

Pick a charity and donate. Put aside an hour each month to look at options for giving and volunteering.

Develop a greater connection to life. Get intimate with both the good and the ugly. Explore your consciousness.

Become a Warrior

Compassion is for peaceful warriors.

Have the courage to stay and open your heart even when it hurts.

Be kind because you can.

Don't be a doormat, but be kind while acknowledging your limits.

Compassion is rooted in our own vulnerability and self-respect.

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