Self-Realization Glossary


A sudden or gradual realization that limiting beliefs previously thought true, are false. Specifically, the dawning realization of the true nature of the Self (as omnipotent and omniscient), and the ramifications thereof.

Awakening is generally thought analogous to the opening of a door or gate. The door represents obscuration of the truth. Looking through the door represents the first incomplete glimpses of that truth. Continuing to engage in self-realization practices is thought to lead through the metaphorical doorway to Liberation/Enlightenment.

See Also: Liberation.


Manifestations of a belief in a limited, separate personal self. These manifestations include psychological suffering, anxiety, craving and aversion (negative craving.)

The truth of self-realization to which One awakens is that the limited, separate personal entity does not exist.

See Also: Ignorance.

Christianity refers to these manifestations as Sin.

Buddhism refers to this topic as The Three Poisons: greed, hatred and delusion.

Self-realization is fundamentally about transcendence of all beliefs through awakening to the truth.


See: Liberation.

Gateless Gate

The metaphorical doorway to self-realization is sometimes referred to as the 'gateless gate', because the truth has never really been obscured. One was merely preoccupied from noticing it – in rather the same way that one can become engrossed in an activity and forget that the kettle is boiling, or that lunch is burning.

Another comical characteristic of this doorway is that upon going through it and turning around to retrace your steps, you find there are none and the doorway has vanished. This is analogous to the fact that with realization comes the recognition that the Self has never really moved.


A belief in the existence of a limited, separate personal self.

The truth of self-realization to which One awakens is that the limited, separate personal entity does not exist.

See Also: Ego.

Ignorance of the truth of any technology naturally leads to undesirable or unexpected results when the technology is operated under the misguided presumption of competence. Similarly, the mind-body is just such a technology – albeit not a human creation. When that which you are (the Self) holds a belief that it Is the separate, limited mind-body, the results are always unpleasant.

The effect of ignorance is a characteristic 'wake', rather like a boat disturbs the water as it moves. In the case of ignorance, this wake is all manor of suffering, pain, fear, hatred, confusion, intolerance, war and the like. All these phenomena are the direct result of ignorance of the true nature of Self and reality.


Freedom from/with the Ego and ignorance of the true nature of Self.

Liberation is characterised somewhat by 'inner' peace – a general pervasive sense of wellbeing, contentment and fulfilment, as the stable backdrop to everyday human affairs.

See Also: Awakening, Ego, Ignorance.

Christianity refers to liberation as salvation.

Buddhism refers to liberation as nirvana – cessation of Ego.


Self (with a capital S) refers to the true impersonal witness and author of these words. Other words for the Self are the Absolute, God and Reality.

Christianity and Islam refer to the Self as God.

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