Nothing To Do (To Be)

Are you ready to recognise (or at least entertain the possibility), that all the discomfort of the drama (the suffering) is only there because you believe in it? That the drama continues to be painful is only because you take it seriously.

Suffering is the greatest narcissist. It is the story that you are a victim and that life happens to you.

Throw all the worries to the wind and see what happens. They serve no purpose. They have no utility. They are merely the passing restless futility of taking yourself to be that which you are not.

Are you ready to be at once both dismayed and astonished?

Are you ready to accept what shows up, rather than what you expect (or expect of it?) Are you ready for self-realization (Enlightenment) to look completely ordinary?

There is really nothing to be done, because there is nothing that can be done. Nothing can bring you home to your true nature because you are already That, even when the mind appears thoroughly convinced you are not (then too you are awake.) No process can bring you to yourself.

The truth is not just your essence, or in your Heart – the truth is what you are, without exception.

There is nothing to do, to just Be (yourself). Like everything else, Being happens of itself.

Are you ready to make the space to meet yourself (again, and again)?

© Copyright 2020 Joshua W. Hawcroft