What is Love?

Love is universal, unconditional acceptance.

In the ultimate sense, manifest reality would be impossible without love. Reality does not deny 'bits' of itself!

Acceptance should not be confused with passivity. Even within mundane life, it is necessary to accept a situation, to understand the totality, before clear insight is possible. To do otherwise, is simply to see only a truncation.

Fundamentally, love is the presence that you are. Love is awareness-intelligence itself.

So accepting is this awareness-intelligence that it accepts even the denial of itself (and responds accordingly.) Suffering is the call home, the call to self-realisation, to self recognition.

To cultivate loving-kindness towards others is a worthy pursuit in opening to your essential nature.

Love is not so much an activity, but rather, an attitude.

If you do not feel love toward a thought, a sensation, a neighbour or a foe, there is no point in forced hollow words and empty façades. Instead, cultivate an attitude of stillness, and await the subtle response of awareness-intelligence, of deep intuition. If you can abide with these objects as your teacher there is great benefit.

Self love is key to any cultivation practice, precisely because love is unconditional. It makes no distinction between self and other. From the perspective of love, all is one.

A denial of self love may consistute a significant impediment to the expression of love toward others.

To the degree that one is not momentarily obscured by a resistance, an illusory separation, love surfaces visibly within the embodiment. It is quite unforced.