Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is a doorway, not an endpoint. It is an unfolding through which you become aware that there is far more to life than is presently implied by human society.

Paradoxically, though we live in perhaps the most technologically advanced time in recorded human history, collectively we are quite naive when it comes to what really matters.

Awakening is often marked by a significant experience, such as a shift in consciousness, the ability to see and interact with spirits, or the manifestation of phenomena which seem to invalidate key tenets of the conventional worldview. There may even be more than one such awakening 'event', often many years apart.

Regardless of any individual experience, awakening is characterised by the undeniable realisation that in some key sense, we have been dreaming.

Awakening, like life, has many layers and nuances. You may have moments when you forget yourself. It may impact your life in different faculties. For instance, it is possible to awaken in the mind, but not in the heart or gut.

Over time, your experience of the sacred increases and your experience of an underlying unity increases. As one understands the nature of self, love, compassion, peace and joy flow more freely.