What is Self-Realisation?

Self-realisation is about discovering the sacred in who we are.

The sacred is everywhere. It is universal, beyond any one race, creed or religion. Though it is the common root of the esoteric faith traditions, including Christian Mysticism, Sufism, Buddhism, Taoism, Vedanta and Shamanism. It is also the birthplace of art, mathematics, language, science and culture.

Discovery of the sacred is without end. It is highly nuanced and layered like an onion. Understanding is derived from experience and ultimately transcends the mind.

To the extent that we do not understand ourselves, our behaviour will be inconsistent. Inconsistency gives rise to confusion, intolerance and despair for ourselves and for those with whom we interact. Imagine trying to interact with the world whilst everyone speaks a different language. Sometimes you would be understood, but mostly your actions would convey your every misunderstanding, however slight.

Misapprehension of self is to have an unnecessarily limited repertoire of responses to a given situation.

Seeing the sacred is to embody love, compassion, peace and joy.

Through integration with everyday life, self-realisation becomes an expression of wholeness. Individuality becomes authentic, a continuous movement of creative freedom and respect.

To know yourself is to know reality.

It is in this vein that people plumb the depths of self-realisation.