Advice for Obstacles to Self-Realization

The End of Seeking is Imminent

The Truth is everywhere – you are already it, and it is the nature of everything you experience.

No profound mystical experiences or abiding altered states of consciousness are required, nor anything either ordinary or esoteric.

Self-Realization is not a journey — Anyone who tells you otherwise is still deceiving themselves.

Simply see the false as false. The Truth will care for itself.

If you must complicate matters, Concise Guidance on How to Realize is also available.

Catalogue of Obstacles

The many obstacles seekers of Self-Realization may claim, include:

All Obstacles are Imaginary

All obstacles to Self-Realization are imaginary.

While you believe you are a person and if I try to convince you that you are a helicopter, you will probably think that I am mad. It is abundantly obvious to you now that you are not a helicopter. Moreover, if I tell you to behave authentically like a helicopter, you will nevertheless find it impossible to fly by rotating your arms about your head.

Similarly, when you know your Self and if I try to convince you that you are a person, you should think that I am mad. It should be abundantly obvious to you that you are not a person. Moreover, if I tell you to behave authentically like a person, you will nevertheless find it difficult to recreate the suffering and drama of a person with any semblance of sincerity. To do so will require significant effort.

Self-realization is being absolutely unshakeable from the Truth.

Ending the act that you are a person is actually easier than keeping it going. Pretending to be something you are not, always costs more than to be what you are – even if you are very practised at the deception. Pretending to be a human being is, quite frankly, exhausting.

Therefore, the best piece of advice regarding the obstacles to Self-Realization is: there are none. No belief can change the fact that you are the Self.

Conceptions of God

Conceptions of God — or Truth — are all false.

If you are having trouble acting in accordance with Truth, consider that you may be holding ideas about what Truth looks like, or how Truth ought to be experienced. This should be easy to identify, because any expectation that leads to suffering is not in accord with Truth. If you are holding such ideas, find out what they are and desist!

If you are certain of what you are not, affirm it.

Dropping an idea is far easier than putting out your garbage.

Simply, Be As You Are

Realization is not a 'state' — Unrealization is an illusion.

Acting as something you are not, does not make it so.

See the Truth, and act in accordance with the Truth.