The Territory of Illusion

Self-Realization is a peculiar game

A teaching of Self-Realization, or Truth, is most peculiar. It is crafted from beyond the World, and sent into the World, tailor made for a specific pattern of conceptual mind.

Upon contact between the teaching and the student, ideally mutual anihilation should occur — though in practice this seems likely to be quite rare.

All statements of Truth are false. Everything on this website is a lie. "This statement is a lie." Such is the paradoxical nature of Truth, when viewed from the limitations of the conceptual mind. That anything here can be said to be useful, is principally because there remains the illusion of anyone to engage with it.

Conceptual mind is the principle 'trap'

The principle 'trap' on the road to Truth-realization is the conceptual mind. By nature, the mind forms a kind of pseudo-realm of reality. The contents are only ever at best half-truths, and usually far more watered down than even that. Through the mind, practical life is manipulated by means of 'working-hypothesis'; beyond that, all understanding is a hoax. Meaning is necessarily an imposition from beyond the conceptual mind.

No thought can tell you who you are, or what this is.

Self-Realization teachings have the awkward and oft impossible challenge of trying to penetrate the fortress of deception that is the mind. The game itself must be seen, as if from far above, to grasp the only point: there is nobody here.

Any disagreement has as the supposed justification, more conceptual gobble-de-gook. It might as well be white noise, because absent the one who believes in it, all of it is meaningless. The sound of dogs barking is as intelligent as the collected philosophy of humankind, when viewed from the perspective of Truth.

Mind is context. Truth has none.

You are the puppeteer

You are that which is behind the curtain, pulling the strings on this puppet you call my reality. That you witness all this apparently from the perspective of the eyes and ears of a body makes the trick incredibly convincing. That you simultaneously do so through the eyes and ears of every Being, is astounding. Even every thought dances to your every whim.

Everything discrete is unreal; everything unreal is composed of that one reality which you are.

Recognise the illusion and you were never bound.