Alternative and Complimentary Tools

Here you will find tips, techniques and tools for realization and/or embodiment of your true nature, in addition to the concise methodology presented on the homepage.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list – ultimately there are a wide variety of formal 'tools' available within this domain, and each individual has a unique path.


Writing regularly (or even irregularly) within a journal has at times been a cornerstone of my own journey. Things to write about include your most recent answers to some of the biggest questions, or what you learnt from a particular experience. Writing your thoughts down may make patterns easier to remember or recognise.

Journalling can also be used in a very active mannor for contemplation (see below.)


Contemplation is a kind of active meditation. Often it is performed using a journal, though this is not a requirement. Using a journal or a notepad during some lengthy contemplation can assist you to keep track of your thoughts – the deep philosophical rabit holes sometimes involved in developing spiritual insight can make this quite tricky without one. I recommend recording your contemplations, either during or after the event, to ensure your memory does not play tricks on you later on, as you build on earlier work.

One or more questions are used as the basis of the contemplation. The idea is to interrogate your senses (primarily) for an answer. Pre-existing knowledge is of very little (if any) relevance to self-realization – so be sure you are primarily consulting your immediate, first-hand subjective experience, and to a far lesser degree, your memory of such.

Private Study

Materials for study may include:

Exploring a variety of materials may allow you to find material that resonates with you personally (which is quite important). It may also enable you to find material which you find engaging and easy to use.

Study for self-realization is not your traditional type of study. You are not studying to gain intellectual knowledge. Rather, you are studying to acquire pointers, hints, tools or methodology which will assist you to examine your own first-hand subjective experience in a manor conducive to developing self-realization.

99.9% of self-realization has nothing whatsoever to do with intellectual knowledge (the accumulation of facts); except in so far as those facts constitute tools that you use along the way. Everything you accumulate along the journey will eventually have to be discarded – so it is a good idea to avoid picking up further baggage!

Tutoring and Group Discussion

Tutoring and group discussion offers a significant advantage to private study. It enables you to obtain responses to your questions and challenges, where other materials are necessarily more generic.

One-on-one or group discussion with a self-realization guide/teacher offers the potential to leverage, resonate with and 'download' the peaceful vibe and insight of the guide. It should be a supportive, fun and safe space where you can share and listen with other students who may well raise similar challenges to you.

Sharing the space also provides a potential for resonance on an unseen level, that will most probably benefit your quest.

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Sexual Exploration

Private solo sexual exploration, or exploration with a trusted partner can in both instances provide a powerful opportunity to practice moving and sensing through the heart.

Moving and seeing through the heart requires trust, surrender and deep intimacy – the qualities which are essential to living embodied realization, and to great sex.

Certainly, in my early encounters with sexual partners, I was stuck very much in my head – in the mind. If you have difficulty connecting with your heart, or you find yourself thinking during sex, you could consider mindful sexual exploration. Because of the potent energy involved, learning to really let go here can potentially have a significant impact on all other areas of your life. It can take some practice to master, so be patient.

The aim here is to bring your embodiment practice into the bedroom and see where the divine artist/spirit takes the person. Obviously it can be a lot of fun. You can usually anticipate that things will move a lot slower, at least at the beginning!

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