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Joshua So who am I, to be giving you all this information?

My name is Joshua. I am a usually calm, thoughtful human character and presently reside in Australia.

I have worked as a software engineer, a technical writer, a first responder, an administrator, a first-aid trainer and a shop assistant! As of 2017, I am now looking more closely at humanitarian and community work. In my spare time, I write articles for this website.

In 2010, I began what you might call a spiritual journey. I knew I was seeking, had a rough idea that it might have something to do with Buddhism, and that was about it.

In 2014, I had a mini 'breakthrough'. Living in a share house and unemployed at the time, I had been depressed and often felt despair. It was an existential despair though, a yearning to understand something that felt as if it were so close and yet, I couldn't 'get it'. One morning I sat to meditate and after an hour of fierce tears, moaning and hysterical laughter, I walked around town for about an hour in a daze of unfathomable joy. I had touched something. Then, little by little, it faded as it seems these experiences often do.

Over that time I have studied Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta, both 'formally' and on my own terms. Reading was intermingled with bouts of meditation.

Gradually over the next couple of years, I had several more meditation experiences. I started to notice syncronicity more. I got involved in energy manipulation (Chi) for a short while, and I played a bit with Out of Body Experience (OBE). Bit-by-bit the puzzle was becoming 'clearer'. Often I would write about my experiences, then a day or a week later, throw it all out. It was infuriating! Haha!

In mid-2017, realisation 'deepened' significantly and there seems to have been a significant amount of writing since. I get the sense the writing is a kind of subliminal, deeper penetrating exploration of reality as well as a compassionate response to all the crazy tricks and traps along the pathless path of spiritual seeking.

So what is presented here at present is a very, raw, fresh take on the subject of self-realisation. Anticipate many changes over the coming year!

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