Spiritual Knowledge


Spirituality is a broad term. Depending on with whom you talk, it can cover psychic experience, energy (Chi), mystical experiences, witchcraft, astrology, numerology, religion, occult, esoteric knowledge and even everyday mundane experience.

That which is covered by this website is primarily Non-duality and Great Compassion as these two aspects could be said to permeate all other appearances.

The non-duality principle and associated ramifications do not conflict with other spiritual knowledge or experience - they are complimentary.

Broadly speaking, from a conventional perspective, reality could be described as having three layers:

  • The Absolute
    That which is indicated by the non-duality principle.
  • The Psychic
    Covering basically anything that doesn't fit conventional reality: energy, spirits, karma, the law of attraction, telepathy, pre-cognition, channeling, etc.
  • The Conventional
    That which is generally considered 'normal'.

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